The Royal Treatment

The Royal Treatment

“Character development is still strong and the plot tightly woven… Exploring important themes of self-discovery and being true to yourself, this is a page turner.’ ~Booklist

“This breezy sequel to Princess for Hire (2010) continues a middle-school girl’s dream come true… Leavitt keeps the story dancing along with breathless, wish-fulfillment glee. Desi’s character stands out with her unsinkable confidence.” ~Kirkus Review

“While the first book was like a fluffy cupcake–sugar and spice and lots of fun, this book is more like banana bread–a little denser and substantial. It absorbs the theme of the first book (to do the right thing) and takes it to the next level.” ~Chicago Examiner

“THE ROYAL TREATMENT continues with the same sparkle and spunk as the first book and brings the magic to a whole new level… a book teen girls will adore. It is also the squeaky-clean kind of book parents can feel at ease letting their girls read.” ~Deseret News

“Leavitt cleverly weaves the subplot of Shakespeare’s play about players controlled by fairies into her own story of character manipulation. She also manages to blend and compare Desi’s school life (with its very believable characters and teen problems) and her Façade life (with its fabulous adventures and sensational participants). It is a fun fantasy filled with humor, adventure, and even a little angst.” ~VOYA

Desi Bascomb’s job as a princess substitute has gotten a whole lot more glamorous now that she’s advanced to Level 2 within the Facade Agency. Magical make-up, roller-skating celebrities, and the chance to see Prince Karl again are just some of the major perks. Not to mention, she’s landed the role of Fairy Queen in her school’s production of Midsummer’s Night Dream (opposite her best friend’s crush. Which is a little weird, but at least he wears a donkey head during their kissing scene). Life should be perfect, but Desi can’t seem to shake the feeling that there is more going on with the agency’s magic than she’s told. Like why is this mind-bending power exclusive to royals? Is it possible that there could be a bigger way to make an impact in both parts of her life?

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