Going Vintage


  • Banks Street’s Best Children’s Books of the Year
  • Tayshas Reading List
  • Whitney Award Nominee
  • Scholastic book club and book fair pick

“With perceptiveness and several fun plot twists, Leavitt’s nuanced book is filled with quirky characters that readers will root for and believe in.” ~Publisher’s Weekly

“Witty and fast-paced, the novel is told through the viewpoint of the spunky, if somewhat dramatic, main character. It is a contemporary romance that will have readers laughing and considering giving up their techno-gadgets.” Children’s Literature

“Mallory’s appealing, sarcasm-tinged first-person narrative voice sculpts a likable teen mildly reminiscent of Louise Rennison’s Georgia Nicolson… A funny and even thoughtful look at boyfriends, high school angst and the importance of finding oneself.” ~Kirkus Reviews

“The differences and similarities of two very different eras will intrigue readers, though it will probably be the interpersonal relationships… that will keep them turning pages.” ~Booklist

“A quick, enjoyable read and an enchanting addition to the chick-lit genre.” ~School Library Journal