What's it with our country's obsession with Oprah? Why do so many women use her as a news source? I was sitting outside today (beautiful day) with some other young stay-at-home moms. We started talking about current events and someone said "Oh, I saw that on Oprah!" I asked her how she felt about other angles. The girl looked at me blankly and replied "But that part wasn't on Oprah. How would I know that?"
Don't get me wrong. Oprah is a better humanitarian than most celebrities put together. I think it's great that she pushes literacy, although most of her book choices could use a little pep. Her Africa special made me cry. But isn't it just a little crazy that one woman can have THAT much power that she is the primary source of information for so many American Women? That opinions are structured solely around hers?
I am a woman. I give women credit. But they need to do the same for themselves–Oprah would want that too, I promise. Research! Learn! Question! Everything that Oprah Winfrey says and does is NOT the gospel truth. Unless you're oprahized.

I wrote a little poem about it. Like to hear how it goes….


In the Windy city
The women delight
Dressed in their fresh suits
Depleted housewives
Haggard professionals
Middle-aged nothings
Bubbling and glowing
Hoping to find their salvation
From a fifty-something prophetess

Who are we Oprah?
What’s on your Favorites List?
Which celebrity is your chum?
Which books should we read?

Life is so easy
From four to five
You show us the world
Feed our souls while we starve
Following your newest diet
Or fasting on behalf of Africa

Oh to appear on Oprah!
To be verified

All programmed in us
So you can make your billions
Spend it on charities
Or expensive bubble baths
Buy us all a car
No worries
We’re only yours from four to five
Then it’s time for Dr. Phil
That’s when the real drama begins.

4 Responses to “Oprahized”

  1. Anonymous

    blind followers

    I know what you mean about people forming an opinion with only one source of information. It reminds of the people (many of whom I hold in high regard) who blindly believed the administration when it came to weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Common sense told us Iraq barely had weapons of regular destruction, let alone mass. Still, people (one of whom I have very high regard for) voted for the worst president in over 100 years to be reelected. Considering bush vetoed money for the levees in New Orleans, his war cry should be “100 billion for Iraq, but not 30 million for New Orleans.”

  2. lindsey_leavitt

    Re: blind followers

    Yikes! This person you hold in high regard sounds like a level headed and sensible person. I bet they’re extremely good looking, too.
    You are very lucky to know them.

  3. Anonymous

    Doubting my tastes

    I read some of Oprah’s recommendations years ago(before she acknowledged that anything worthwhile had ever been authored by a non-African American). Though not a waste of time, the books were nowhere near as glorious as Oprah proclaimed. Recently, when we were allowed to expand our reading horizons, I was horrified to find some of those books most dear to me as Oprah’s book of the month selections. I don’t know if Oprah is just a lot smarter than me, chosing books of all backgrounds, or if the favorites she chose are also no longer glorious.

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