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ARCs are going out now for GOING VINTAGE now, which means bloggers/reviewers/librarians/teachers are starting to read my book. Or at least adding it to a pile of books next to their bed. Or a list on their e-reader.
As an author, I can still convince myself that my book is whatever I wanted it to be during that blissful time after I’ve written it but before people are reading it. Once it’s read, though, I lose that ownership. Readers will interpret my words based on their background, tastes, and viewpoint. Some will like my book. Some will not. And honestly, before every publication date, I have to give myself a little pep talk about that. This usually involves me sitting in front of a mirror and repeating, “I’m (my book is) good enough. I’m (my book is) smart enough. And doggonit, people like me (my book. Sometimes).”
Thanks Stuart Smalley. Your pearls of wisdom continue to inspire.
So already, some people have read my book. Authors, who also kindly blurbed my book. Blurbing is a gracious act, because not only do the authors take the time to write something positive, but they spent a few hours reading my book. And it is such an amazing bonus when it’s an author who I personally read and adore. So here they be:
“Lindsey Leavitt’s best book yet. Mallory’s voice is addictive!  GOING VINTAGE is witty, hilarious, real…impossible not to love!” ~Becca Fitzpatrick, NYT bestselling author of Hush, Hush series
I adore Becca. I get nervous when she reads my writing because her romantic tension is so amazing. And if you don’t know who Patch is yet, well, go forth. Merry Christmas
“GOING VINTAGE is heartfelt, funny, and full of insight. I wanted to jump into the pages and become friends with the whole cast.”
– Sarah Ockler, bestselling author of Twenty Boy Summer and The Book of Broken Hearts
I’ve read all of Sarah’s books to date (and bawled my way through Twenty Boy Summer) but the one I recommend this month is Bittersweet. You’ll want to wrap yourself up in a warm blanket with some hot chocolate.
“Lindsey Leavitt made me want to go vintage. Readers everywhere will identify with this smart and likable heroine, as well as with her yearning for a simpler and (seemingly) less complicated time.”
~ Meg Cabot, author of The Princess Diaries, as well as 1 million+ amazing, bestselling titles
Speechless. So speechless. Meg Cabot is hands-down one of my all time favorite authors and a huge reason why I write YA. I totally cried when I got this blurb. Really just honored, as cheesy as that sounds.
Just over 3 months until release! Meanwhile, two days left on my book giveaway. Hurry, before time (and the world) ends.

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  1. Sara H.

    I am currently reading Going Vintage and it is one of the most wonderfully quirky and lightly romantic contemporary books I've read! I really enjoy Mallory as a main character!

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