Bookmarks! Get yer bookmarks here!

Howdy! Only 1 month until Going Vintage releases, which means it’s time for my favorite pre-release game ever. This party involves me paying way too much on postage and zipping through sparkly pens at a delirious pace. Yep, I’m sending out signed bookmarks for GOING VINTAGE. 
It’s bookmark bonanza again, folks!

But what do I have to do to get said bookmark? you might ask.
Expose a vulnerable piece of myself? (no. Keep those over-shares to yourself and your status updates)
Write an amazon or goodreads review for your book (no, but please, please do this anyway)
Splash the news on twitter/blogs/facebook/instagram/tumblr/every corner of the world wide web? (no, but any way you can spread the word about my books is always greatly appreciated. You’re so awesome like that. I
Jumping jacks? Do you want me to do jumping jacks, Lindsey Leavitt? (Well, yes I do, but that is only because jumping jacks are excellent cardiovascular activity)
As far as bookmarks go, you need only do TWO THINGS.
1. Email me your shipping address at contact @ lindsey leavitt dot com.
2. I will then send you 5 signed bookmarks. Mention that you are a teacher or librarian and I will up that number to 10. You may keep one or two of these bookmarks to use in your own copy of Going Vintage. But the other ones I humbly ask you spread around. Give to another reader. Donate to your library. Visit the White House and slyly deposit in the Obama girls’ bedrooms. Help me make the world a more vintage place.
3. (bet you didn’t see that coming!!) If you pre-order Going Vintage, I will also include a signed bookplate. Just comment below, letting me know the retailer, and I will take your word, because I am a big time word taker. And thank you for planning ahead. Pre-orders make a huge difference for authors. 
This offer goes until release day, or while supplies last, or until I get sick of the post office, so tell your friends. Let’s get the word out while preserving our reading spot in countless works of literature. 

13 Responses to “Bookmarks! Get yer bookmarks here!”

  1. Valynne E. Maetani

    Will email right after this because I would love a bookmark. Your Princess for Hire bookmark still remains my favorite to this day. Already pre-ordered your book through B&N, so we're good there, but you don't need to send me a bookplate. I think I'd rather have you sign it in person when/if our paths cross.

  2. Daisy

    I pre-ordered through The Book Depository, can't wait till Going Vintage gets here! Thanks so much for doing this!

  3. Writer Tessa

    I'll e-mail you! I pre-ordered through Chapters-Indigo. Valynne has a good point about you signing in person if our paths ever cross. BUT what if our paths never cross??? Just to be safe, I'd love a bookplate 🙂

  4. D50Library

    I obviously have missed the deadline for the bookmarks, but I just found your book Going Vintage a couple weeks ago at the Scholastic Bookfair I hosted at my school. I absolutely loved it, I know so many of my Jr. High students will be able to relate to this book!! I am hoping that you will have some bookmarks left for me to share with my students! 🙂

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