Vintage Spotlight: YOU

I’ve been working on a photo collection project this month, and it’s probably the coolest book related thing I’ve done yet. The pictures we’ve received from authors so far are amazing, and the stories that go along so cool. I’ve decided to open up the feed to include bloggers/teachers/librarians as well, so if you have a fabulous picture scanned, or just a fabulous dress you want to show off, then send, send, send. More info below. I will let you know when the tumblr goes live!
To celebrate the release of the upcoming book, GOING VINTAGE, about a girl who gives up modern technology and lives like it’s 1962, we’re sharing pictures of you! Or your grandma or Great Uncle Mortimer of basically whomever you want. For a few weeks before and after the March 26 release, we’ll be posting vintage pictures on our going vintage tumblr. “Vintage” can be a picture of you sporting your clam diggers, a shot of your mom at her senior prom, or even one of each. Pick a favorite time period and style, then write a quick paragraph about the picture, the person, the clothing, the memory… whatever you like. 
Send your awesome photos to Also include any websites/blogs/twitter pages you would like linked. We hope you’ll go vintage with us this spring!

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