The Chapel Wars is out May 6. And it’s May NOW. And it will be MAY when I go on tour with many other Bloomsbury authors. Where? Glad you asked.

May 13: Barnes and Noble, The Woodlands, TX, 6 pm with Emery Lord and Kristin Rae
May 14: Changing Hands Bookstore, Tempe, AZ, 7 pm with Emery Lord and Jillian Cantor
May 15: Third Place Books, Lake Forest, WA, 7 pm with Emery Lord and Mandy Hubbard
May 31: Rainbow Barnes and Noble, Las Vegas, NV Just little old me and maybe wedding cake 🙂
TBD: The King’s English, Salt Lake City, UT

And you must check out the adorable tumblr Bloomsbury set up to celebrate The First Loves tour.

Only 4 more days until release! Please help spread the word about my quirky little Vegas book–send email, post on social networks, buy, sit by the bookshelf at your local bookstore and yell into a megaphone, “Ra ra CHAPEL WARS!!!”

I’m sure you can be creative. Thanks, I like you a lot!!

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