Here I am with my statuesque friend Cynthia Jaynes-Omololu and our slightly shorter literary agent, Sarah Davies (pay no attention to the sequins. It’s a long story). I met Cynthia through a SCBWI critique group almost 10 years ago, and I’ve done book events or conferences with her in five different cities, most recently Orlando.

The night before we took this photo, we stayed up until 3 am talking about our lives, our kids, our careers. I remember we talked about first kisses, back when I thought I would never have another one of those again (score!) I got scared just hearing the synopsis of her upcoming book, THE THIRD TWIN, which has the promise to be a huge breakout novel. It was fun to look back at ourselves as hopeful newbies and imagine where we would be in another year or even five. We planned. Writers like to do that planning thing. But Plans and Life don’t always agree with each other. In July, 5 months after this picture was taken, Cynthia was diagnosed with stage IV cancer. She’s been battling that stupid illness with humor and badassery ever since. Sorry I swore. It’s cancer. I’m sure you understand.

I want you to read Cynthia’s book. I want you to read it because Cynthia’s voice gripped me 10 years ago in my dank, little apartment in PA and has not let me go since then. I haven’t read this book yet, but when I do I know I will read it in a day, because that’s what I’ve done with all of her other books. Even the still yet unpublished ones she sent me for critique. She understands pace and suspense better than any other author I’ve met or read.

I also want you to BUY her book. This book. All of her books. Because the reality is authors do most of their PR alone. That’s a full time job. Writing is a full time job. Being a mother to her two awesome sons and wife to her supportive husband? Yep, full time.

Add cancer to the mix and it is a lot. Too much.

So other writers are stepping in to help. Spread the word, preorder the book, come to her launch party, whatever you can do. Pitching in is kind of like making a casserole, but better, as anyone who has sampled my casseroles can attest. Creating a book is always cause to celebrate, so don your sequins and let’s blow the roof off this thing.


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  1. Serenity

    What a beautiful, wonderful way to support someone with the big, nasty C. She has already put her gifts into the world. Now we can buy them and make the way at least a little easier for her and for her family. I'm in! And my prayers are with her.

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