Bookmark Bonanza

Oh new website. You are so shiny (and a cleaner, more user-friendly platform that appeals to a universal, diverse readership. But mostly, you know, shiny). Thanks to Jenny at Websy daisy for you remarkable skill and patience as we worked to build a new site. I may start sleeping in a business suit, that’s how professional I feel now. We’ve integrated my two other blogs into this site, so there are archived posts documenting my publishing journey for the past 11 years. Yes, fair readers, I realize many of you ARE 11.

So! THE PAGES BETWEEN US releases in 2 weeks and you know what that means. Yep! It’s Bookmark Bonanza!!!!!!! (Oh, you thought it meant you need to preorder my book? Yes, that too. Right this way).


Bookmark Bonanza is something I’ve done since I released my first book 6 years ago. It’s origins come from

  1. I went to Bonanza High School. Okay, no correlation, but goooooo Bengals.
  2. I give away bookmarks. I guess I could have just called it Bookmark! Bookmark!, but… hindsight.

The rules are simple. Send your address to and I, in turn, will send you signed bookmarks. USA Only. Keep a couple and share the rest with your friends. Braid them a BFF bracelet while you’re at it. Make note if you’re a teacher/librarian and I’ll send you even more signed bookmarks. Tweet/facebook/instagram/tumblr/pinterest/blog/skywrite using #bookmarkbonanza so your network can also have thick, luxurious card-stock shipped to their home. The world will be a better place with more people marking their place AND you’ll be entered in a giveaway to win…

A FREE, SIGNED COPY OF THE PAGES BETWEEN US! (complete with more bookmarks! Can you tell I ordered a lot of these puppies?*)

*puppies not included.

More giveaways and goodness coming in the following weeks, so make sure to click on those cute social media buttons on top right corner. Follow those for more information. Also–check out this website. Doesn’t it make you want to wear a tasteful, yet fashionable business suit as well? No? Yeah, you’re right. Let’s stick with the yoga pants.

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