The fourth Commander in Cheese book, THE BIRTHDAY SUIT, is out in the world! This book is for anyone who has…

  1. Celebrated a birthday
  2. Heard about President’s Day
  3. Read a book

So, probably, YOU!

No piñatas were harmed in the making of this family. Okay, one.

This was my favorite Commander in Cheese book to write. I know authors say that picking a favorite book is like picking children, but the truth is I like some books more than others, and sometimes I even like one kid more than their siblings. It’s okay if I say that because my family probably isn’t reading this. Our little secret, okay?

The beginning of THE BIRTHDAY SUIT tells the quick version of how James F. Squeakerton, the sorta-mouse president, proposed to his wife VIA PINATA. I based this on my own husband’s proposal, which involved family and all of our kids and a very
confused, weepy birthday girl. It was one of the most surreal and magical moments of my life. It was easy to pick my husband for this book’s dedication, and maybe every dedication from here on out because he’s just that decent and good. But I’ll spare you too much sap.

I never know which pieces of the story the brilliant AG Ford will pick to illustrate. I squeaked when the illustrations came back with this…
You’ll notice this isn’t a screenshot from the book. No, this is the actual illustration. You see, I told my editor Caroline how much joy this illustration brought me. So she thoughtfully asked AG Ford for this illustration, which she had framed and sent to me as a Christmas/book release present. It currently sits by my bedside while we finish building our home. I can’t wait to stare at it in my own office. It’s the second best gift I’ve ever received paying homage to the very first.

I think this illustration also illustrates (pun alert!) just how many people go into a book’s creation. #TEAMCOMMANDERINCHEESE (T-shirts available soon/please make your own) is made up of a wonderful illustrator, editor, agent, and publisher. Sure, my name is on the book. But they’re all working just as hard to make this series into something that early chapter book readers will love for a really long time. I hope this becomes a favorite. With sprinkles on top.

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