Presidents’ Day Video and Book Giveaway

If you watch this video, I will send your school/library a free book. Seriously. Let’s just lay that out there before I share more. Video. Book. Here’s why…

I love America. Love love love love my country. I love America’s rich history, our social progress, our diversity and our gumption. There are, however, things I don’t like about national current events. Soooooo many things. Like many concerned citizens, I’ve thought hard about what I can do as one person to contribute to the betterment of my country. One thing I’ve realized is I happen to be writing a book series set inside the White House while many people are Not Cool with changes made by the new administration inside the White House.

So I decided to make this little video and do this BIG giveaway. I have so adored teaching and reading about the history of our country’s leaders. I love talking to students who are also big into presidential history (like Macey Hensley. My favorite seven-year-old besides my own seven-year-old). I want elementary readers to be excited about our presidency and to serve as helpful citizens and leaders. Whitney Houston said it best: The children ARE our future, y’all. Let’s invest in them (And invest in the arts. And libraries. And education. Maybe I need to write another blog post…)

I asked some author/illustrator friends 2 questions. Click on the video to discover what they said. And then share this video. Teachers, share with your students. Librarians, share with your patrons. Parents, share with your kids. Ask your kids these questions. Ask yourselves these questions. (Thanks to AG Ford, Jen Malone, Stacy McAnulty, Kristen Chandler, Elizabeth Eulberg, Lisa Schroeder, Julie Olsen, Lindsay Eager and some adorable children who may or may not be related to me for chiming in with their thoughts!)

Once you’ve watched this video, email me at contact (at) lindseyleavitt (dot) com (or you can message me on Twitter/Instagram/Facebook). Tell me your answers to these questions and send me your school/library address. I’ll send you a copy of Commander in Cheese #4: THE BIRTHDAY SUIT, which just released January 10 and takes place in the White House ON Presidents’ Day!

Yes. That’s it. Watch a video. Discuss. Email. GET A FREE BOOK.

I have no idea what kind of response I’ll get to this, so I’ll just keep sending out books until I run out of money. If I spend all the money I made on this book on FREE books for you… score. My work here is done.

Please share this #commanderincheese giveaway with other teachers and librarians. Again, it’s not a contest. I’m going Oprah with this thing (or, like an iota of Oprah. 1/2932940982309238 Oprah). You get a book! You get a book! You get a book! Just share this video and YOU GET A BOOK!

Happy Presidents’ Day.

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