Beans. Spilled. Here.

June 16, 2008

(It’s hard to tell when I’m saying the word VLOG or BLOG. Which is why I should just stick to blogging. And I am spazerrific on camera). 
Right, so for those who are at work and don’t want to risk losing their job by watching the video, here’s the scoop:
I got a three-book-deal (at auction!) from Hyperion with the first book debuting in Winter 2010 and a book following each year.
It’s been a humbling and emotional week, with offers coming in from publishing houses I have salivated over for years. Through the madness, I’ve sat in my little writing burrow hyperventilating and crying and squealing and biting my tongue. No, really, I hyperventilated and actually got a brown bag out.
Tip: It doesn’t help.
Thanks to everyone, EVERYONE who has supported me. There were so many times I almost quit. Actually, there were a few times I DID quit. But something always pulled me back. Sometimes, it was someONE pulling me back. 
I thank you all.

And now, NOW, let the Royal Rumpus start! I have a book to edit. (I have an editor! And on top of her editorial wonderfulness, she offered to send me some free books, so already she is very much my best friend. Well, besides my agent. Maybe I’ll get us all a three-way BFF heart necklace)
Heck, I have two more books to WRITE!
And I couldn’t be more excited. 

**Edited to add: This is for you,