Tips for an Author Visit

Invite the right author

Gear the presentation for your audience

Plan ahead. Like way ahead.

Prepare the students

Request a Visit

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“Lindsey does an amazing job connecting with students and presenting in a way that captivates them. She’s hilarious and relatable. My second graders left the presentation wanting to write their own stories. She made my students feel more confident in their writing abilities and wanting to read more. She writes a wide variety of books for a wide variety of readers. I love that she has something for all of my students, both low and high. I highly recommend her books as well as her presentation for any grade!” —Bayley Lange, 2nd grade teacher, Bell View Elementary

“Lindsey Leavitt’s presentation was so inspiring to our students that the excitement continued long after her visit. She had the rapt attention of both our 7th and 8th grade students throughout both assemblies. Lindsey also attended a luncheon in the library in which she gave special attention to a select group of students and teachers alike. Her upbeat personality makes her instantly likeable and sets the stage for a positive visit. I highly recommend her and make sure you have plenty of her books on hand because they will be highly requested!” —Traci Dill, Librarian, La Joya Middle School

“Lindsey’s light hearted sense of humor and approachability won over our students quickly. A lot of them could not wait to read her work and were fascinated about her writing process!” —Mark Frye, Library-Media Specialist, North Myrtle Beach Middle School

“Lindsey is our hero! When Lindsey talks about her journey to become an author, it is so powerful and inspiring. I love that she is a writer for all ages, the kids can start with her chapter books, continue into her middle grade books and still be reading Lindsey’s books into high school! That’s a real treat to be able to read your favorite author throughout the best years of your childhood. What are you waiting for? Book her now!” —Nikki Bylina-Streets, Librarian, Goolsby Elementary School

“Lindsey shared the inspiration behind the book as well as her secrets about planning, titles, and even rejection. Right there on camera, she unrolled this long string of rejections that came before her first published book and really inspired the kids to be persistent with their dreams. Her enthusiasm and sense of humor made this a great way to end our day.” —Kate Messner, author, educator and host of World Read Aloud Day

“The fifth grade teachers were so happy that Lindsey shared her journals and writing experiences with the students.  The writing coordinator said that it tied in with what they have been teaching the students.  Lindsey was a hit!” —Lynn Marie Hartman, Library Media Specialist, John S. Park Elementary