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Today heralds the release of MOUSE RUSHMORE, Commander in Cheese Super Special #1. Why is it so super special for me to publish a super special (and yes, I’ll answer what the heck a super special is in just a moment)? When I was in junior high, I was preeeeeetttttyyy obsessed with the Baby-Sitters Club,… Read more »

Presidents’ Day Video and Book Giveaway

If you watch this video, I will send your school/library a free book. Seriously. Let’s just lay that out there before I share more. Video. Book. Here’s why… I love America. Love love love love my country. I love America’s rich history, our social progress, our diversity and our gumption. There are, however, things I don’t… Read more »

A Little March

Yesterday, after recovering from a nasty flu, we marched. It was cold and we were alone. I bought some balloons because, I don’t know, BALLOONS!! We talked about feminism and femininity. We talked about how we should be treated and how we should treat others. We talked about motherhood and education and creativity. We talked… Read more »