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The Pages Between Us PROJECT

Friends/Readers/Countrymen, For the last few years, I’ve tried to figure out the “next step in my career.” I hate this term, yet here I am using it. I love love love writing books. But publishing is a tricky biz–with an income that is passable at best and laughable at… well, tax season. It’s a constant… Read more »


Big News! More Books! For you! From me! Unleash the exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Utter randomness whilst driving through Virginia City…

I made a road trip detour in Virginia City to see the second most haunted building in Nevada, the Old Washoe Club (although the first most haunted is not presently accessible to visitors, so really I saw the first most haunted & accessible building in Nevada). It was probably the seventh, nah eighth most haunted… Read more »