My Cover!

April 24, 2009

Finally have the go ahead to share. Presenting very first BOOK COVER!!!

OK, maybe not. But it’s so cute, right? My little sister came into town yesterday bearing gifts. A few weeks back, she sent me all these weird and cryptic emails and texts asking info about the book. Stuff like…
Hey! I need to know ASAP–what is your main character’s hair color?
If you had to summarize your book in like, a paragraph or two, what would you say?

I told her I especially love the "review" from School LIbrary Journal. "Oh? Have you heard of them? Are they popular?"

Yeah, love her.
But fo shizzle, cover is in the works! And *that* unveil will be grand. But until then, I have my beach read for the weekend! (Evermore, my real beach read ((Destin!!!)) underneath. Maybe a little bit of awesomeness will rub off)