My Hot ARC date

Friday morning a package arrived that I had no clue was coming. I even signed for it, set it on the counter for a bit, and chatted with my mom before realizing the HYPERION return address probably meant a good thing.
Oh yes, kids, a very good thing.

ARC’s/galleys!!!!!!  aka Advanced Reader Copies. These go out to reviewers and industry folks months–9 months in this case–before the book actually hits stores. They are also available at conferences like Book Expo or ALA. They’re cheaply-made paperbacks (the real one will be hardcover) and NOT THE FINAL COPY. There may be typos. Some don’t have a cover design. But it still has bound pages, and that is the closest thing I’ve ever had to a book, so Wwwwwweeeeeee!!!!!! 
Especially fun, my parents were coincidentally in town to witness the Great Box Opening, and yank their copies. (dear family–you wanna read? Refer to them. Or you could BUY one in 9 months. K THNX)

I’ve wondered forever how I would feel to have my own BOOK (sort of) in my hands, if it was like holding a little baby for the first time, minus the gross birth aftermath. And it was cool. Really. Neat. But it’s not like, you know, LOVE. It’s just a book, afterall. I mean, sure I worked on it for a super long time, and there’s so much of me in there, but it’s not like—

Why do birds suddenly appear? 

Everytime you are near

Just like me

They long to be

Close to you

–I’m in a relationship or something. It’s words and pages, you know? Not something flesh and blood you could… take on a date. Ha! A date. All documented and stuff. Now that would be… just…. silly.

Why do stars

Fall down from the sky? 

Everytime you walk by

Just like me

They long to be

Close to you

on the day that you were born

The angels got together and decided

To create a dream come true

So they sprinkled moondust in your hair

Of gold and starlight in your eyes of blue

that is why all the girls in town

Follow you all around

Just like me

They long to be

Close to you

Just like me

They long to be

Close to you

Ok! I admit it! I’m totally <3ing my own book. I can’t help myself. The way its pages blow in the breeze…. it’s spine…. it’s sweet pink pinkiness. There’s even different fonts for different character’s handwriting. I’m sure eventually I’ll start reading and find parts I wish I’d changed, or dumb typos but today, dear PRINCESS FOR HIRE, I’m so happy to have you. Now get over here and give me some sugar.

Woo…. close to you….

—Genius courtesy of The Carpenters

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  1. tamarak

    Oh, I so get the love!

    I’ve been lugging my early copy of CHICKEN DANCE with me everywhere….b-ball tournaments, BBQs, Six Flags. Last week I took them to see THE LION KING.

    Okay. Gotta go. I need to fluff CHICKEN DANCE’s pillow and readjust the spotlight.

  2. terihall

    You totally did not show the part where you and your ARC did jello shots together. 🙂

    It looks so good! Happy for you!

  3. Anonymous

    Whoo-hoo! GORGEOUS cover. Congratulations!!

  4. suzanneyoung

    You are the cutest thing ever. (I’m talking to the book) Oh, and so are you Lindsey! And I LOVE the dating scene. Adorable!!!

    And congrats! This looks like SO MUCH FUN!!

  5. tracidee

    Man, Lindsey. You and those ARCs need to get a room. 😀 Seriously though, this post is hilarious. I <3 the Carpenters.

  6. sboman

    Oh Lindsey, I’m so happy for you – seems like only yesterday you were squeeing about snagging S.D> for an agent. Now here you are, all grown up with your own book *dabs at eyes*.

    I’d love to review one if/when you get to that stage. My sister owns one of the largest teacher school supply/children’s bookstores in so cal (thematic attic) and I’m always recommending what YA books she should stock. Just keep me in mind…

  7. Anonymous

    My favorite is how you took it to the movies! Love how creative this post is – bodes well for the actual novel!

  8. shanawrites

    Loved seeing your date with your ARC! 🙂 Congratulations! I love the cover! So pretty and pink! I can’t wait until the book comes out!

  9. jeannineatkins

    looking fabulous!

    I especially love the photo with pink-bedecked girls helping to open the carton! Looks like so much fun!

  10. whojackman

    Congrats Lindsey! Reading that post made me so happy for you. It also made me want to buy a Carpenters album and buy a copy of Parenthood – thanks!

    CONGRATS on what is the first of many.


  11. tsd_writer

    Ohhhh! That is one gorgeous book! I am SO excited so I can imagine that you must be in excitement-overload!!

  12. christyraedeke

    I love this post perhaps more than you love your ARC!

    I’ve thought a lot about what my ARC and I will do together once it arives, but you’ve given me some new ideas. Mostly I was just going to flag a few pages with post-its and then rig it so it falls out of my purse all the time. Then people will have to pick it up, giving me the occasion to say things like, “Oh dear, I’d hate to loose the Advanced Readers Copy of my novel that’s coming out in July – I was just adding the final polish. Thanks ever so much!” Then we’ll go home and play cards together.

    Congratulations! You two look adorable together.

  13. Anonymous

    You’re my hero and I couldn’t be more excited for you!

    PS- I loved this post.


  14. Anonymous

    That is hilarious!! I’ve found that when I love an author’s blog then I love their book even more so I am super excited for this one! Are ARCs going out yet to book bloggers????

  15. angie_frazier

    LOL! I love this post. Congrats on your ARCs! I love your cover btw, I don’t think I’d told you that before.

  16. lisamullarkey

    WOW! Congrats! Love the cover and laughed at your post! Clever as always!

    It seems like yesterday that you announced your sale! Wow!! (Too many !!!!)

  17. Anonymous

    Whoo congrats! Looks like you’re having tons of fun. xD

  18. Anonymous

    Congratulations! You got such a great cover!! Who won the UNO game?

  19. Anonymous

    Your love affair

    Classy. Perfect. Better than the invisioned cinematography. I’m glad Ryls could let me know about this. I’m kind of…exstatic for you right now, so I can only imagine your thrill. Call your sis and explain!

    Oh and…I might still like mine better. MIGHT

  20. Anonymous

    So proud of you Lindsey! The book is absolutely gorgeous dah-ling!!!

  21. thatwemightfly

    So exciting!!! Congratulations! I loooooove the cover!

    Have you thought about giving away Eiffel Tower keychains as promo products? Perhaps you can have them made with a tag that mentions your book… Assuming that what is shown is your final cover, of course!

  22. shellijohannes


    A – you crack me up

    B – you did not do this justice on the phone yesterday! I LOVE IT! I love the color – its bold and I love the crown in the mirror. Nice touch (Of course I am a marketing geek)

    Congrads – bring one to LA so I can have dinner iwt hit too 🙂

  23. _heartsong_


    AND it is SOOOOO crazy, you are a twin to my former roomate of last year. Twin, crazy how much you look alike

  24. Anonymous

    My bookclub is counting down the months until we can read and discuss your book. Let me know when you are in town to do book signings and we’ll be there. Oh and just FYI- Adam and I had twins on May 3. We named them Lindsey 1 (after you) and Lindsey 2 (after me), then we renamed them Summer and Zoe.

  25. lindsey_leavitt

    Thanks! I think it’ll be more like fall when I send them out just because I still have nine months until release. But will keep you in mind!

  26. lindsey_leavitt

    Will do. Think it’ll be more like fall before I start looking for reviews and such, since it’s still 9 months away. But thanks! What a cute store name.

  27. lindsey_leavitt

    Yeah, and the movie was Hannah Montana and my ARC got super annoyed that no one has picked up that this idea was done in the eighties with a little cartoon called JEM.
    But anyway.

  28. lindsey_leavitt

    No, I think I’ll hold up until fall, just because my release date isn’t until March. But it should be at some conferences before then…

  29. cynjay

    So, how is Princess going to feel when you take SGH out for a spin? It’s harder to keep track of two…

    They look awesome – I got shivers!

  30. Anonymous

    Wow! Awesomeness doesn’t even begin to describe this! And, man, I’m your 77th comment!!

    Sarah Frances

  31. Anonymous

    That’s so awesome!!! I bet it was totally exciting to open it. The cover is cute. I can’t wait to read it. Make sure and send out an email when it’s out.
    Michelle (chud)

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