My house and heart are bursting with JUBILATION. Jubilation and the Post-Christmas Toy Apocalypse

December 29, 2009

Alternative Title: Some Wonderful Gifts I Acquired This Holiday Season.

1. Tea cup from Irene Latham (author of LEAVING GEE'S BEND, out next week!) and Rachel Hawkins (HEX HALL)
Rachel, Irene and I had a little pre-baby tea party at our local literary watering hole, Miss Rosemarie's Tea Room. Now, I'm not a tea drinker (much to the disappointment of Miss Rosemarie, who gives me this look every time I say "Just water"), but I am a lover of scones, and Miss Rosemarie ROCKS the scones. I actually take a picture of them every time we go there.

But even better than the scones (OK, maybe tied. We're talking some major scone-age, people) was the lovely tea cup Irene and Rachel got for me! I can't wait to have an office so I can put it on display next to all my yet-to-be-acquired awards. At least I know between the two of them I can brag that THE Irene Latham and THE Rachel Hawkins gifted me something fancy.

2.  A Clean Home
My Christmas gift from my mom was possibly one of the best presents ever–sanity by way of a clean house. Between revisions and pregnancy and holiday madness, my house was looking like The Funk. These women came in and FIXED that. They vaccummed the stairs! I will not embarrass myself and tell you how long it's been since I've done that. Even better, I still get two more monthly visits from the blessed cleaning angels. After that, I might be treating myself to a Valentines present. Then Saint Patty's Day. Then…
2. Author copy of Princess for Hire (Egmont UK edition)
I came home from the hospital with my baby to find a book baby in the mailbox! I had no idea it was coming, which made it even more exciting. And I didn't know the gold lettering would be so shiny. Soooooo shiny.

Sorry about the blurry pic, but do you see the glow? For a better shot, go to Amazon UK and since you're there, feel free to buy it.
UK version will be out Feb 1, which is only like… whoa, a month away or something. Wait, what is the date today? It's still December, right?

4. Books for girls from publisher
AND another package… loads and loads of books for my girls from my wonderful publicist! The beauty of Hyperion is that they have all these great picture books/easy readers from the likes of Mo Williams, but since they're Disney-owned, we have the princess hook-up. I'll admit, I usually only buy picture books that mommy wants, so TV/movie characters are a no. This made my daughters even more excited, that mommy was "letting" them have Disney princess books.

5 And, of course, the arrival of my beautiful baby girl… Princess Logan
(Yep. I said PRINCESS. Just an FYI to that stupid hospital nurse who informed me Logan is supposed to be a boy name. Well, Chiquita is supposed to be a banana name, so let's let bygones just… yeah).

Yo're probably at work right now and just let out an audible "Aw" and everyone is looking at you, huh? That's OK. Show them the picture. You're not human if you don't awww at a baby like that.
Not that I'm biased.
Here's a confesssion: this pregnancy was different than the others because I had so much going on that I didn't spend as much time really mentally preparing for the event. Even after I delivered Logan (which, hate me if you must, was an easy and quick experience), I kept looking at her like, Wait, where did you come from? How am I going to do this? How exactly do you change a diaper without getting peed on again?
But now that she is here, in my arms, she is mine. And I'm so grateful to have a baby at this time–this time of year, this time in my career, this time in my life. It's been wonderful to give myself so completely to this little angel. I've had some great Squee! moments this past year–selling another book, seeing my words in print, building wonderful writerly friendships–but it's still different than that ache in my arm from holding my baby too long, or that moment when her eyes flutter open after a succesful feeding and my heart just bursts with absolute joy. More joy in the daytime, not so much during her Hey Mom, Let's Kick it/CRY night-time hours.
But still, loads of joy.
Hope your holidays were likewise magical. I can't believe 2010–also known as The Year I Try Not To Go Nuts–is upon us soon.
(It hasn't happened yet, has it? It is still December, right? Wait, what day is it?)