P4H out in the UK

February 1, 2010

Today was cool. Today, across an ocean, the UK edition of PRINCESS FOR HIRE debuted (published with Egmont UK. Buy it on Amazon UK) I woke up this morning (oddly enough, craving fish and chips) and thought, I wish there was something I could do today that marks me being published. And wouldn’t you know it, my doorbell rang and there was the DHL guy with a box!! Of books! My books! I didn’t check the return address until after I signed and then I made this odd yipping sound.
"It’s my book!"
"Oh, you ordered books."
"No, it’s MY Book! I’m an.. an…" pause to reflect on my five year journey while DHL guy checks his watch. "an author."
My girls were super excited and insisted we have a photo shoot.
Okay. Since they INSISTED.

The box was very well packaged, which is reassuring considering it had to cross the ocean

Can it be? Is it? Is it….


Behold, the wonder of pink!

I rejoice.

As is the way of motherhood, the photo shoot shifted attention to the real stars, who first had to find their handbags and don pink dresses.

We worked up quite the appetite, so we hit up Panera (calories magically deteriorate on release days. True Fact. Already plotting menu for US launch). Lo and behold, next door was a shining majestic Barnes and Noble. Of course, I couldn’t buy my own book. That would require a passport and plane tickets. Luckily, my crazy fan girl sister and sister-in-law had a picture of them being, you guessed it, CRAZY FAN GIRLS in ESPN magazine.

ESPN has a distrubution in, like, the bazillions. Once again, little sis has one-upped me! *shaking fist*

To celebrate UK launch, I did an interview with my old critique buddy and author of SWAPPED BY A KISS, Luisa Plaja, at CHICKLISH. I also did a guestpost about pink covers at Once Upon a Bookcase and there’s a good discussion going on you can jump in on.
I’m giving away a signed copy of the UK edition of PRINCESS FOR HIRE!!!! To enter, just comment below. Open to INTERNATIONAL readers. Link if you like. I’ll pick a name at the end of the week.