happy book eve

March 16, 2010

I wanted to do this monumental post tonight detailing my writerly journey, but I can’t.
I’m tired.
Like, the kind of tired where you’re sitting on the couch, staring at the TV and you know you need to get up and brush your teeth and take your contacts out and get to bed, but the mere thought of the Getting To Bed Process tires you out so much, you just sit and veg until you pass out, wake up at three with said contacts sticking to your eyeballs, and stumble to bed.
This kind of tired

(my babysitter took this picture after a rigorous game of dress up and it brings the smiles every time)
But it’s good tired. And as I sit here tonight, watching food network and hoping that noise my baby is making is not her feed me! sound, I’m very grateful for the fatigue, because all the things causing The Tired are good things. Tomorrow, I’m going to wake up and I’ll have a book out in the US. Bookstore employees will open a box and plop a couple of books on a shelf, just like they do every day, except tomorrow it will be my book. And tomorrow I’ll celebrate that very small but important-to-me change that brands me a published author.
But for right now, this computer is getting shut off and the snuggie is getting put on.
Tomorrow, y’all, we’ll reflect.