Revisions. Again.

August 6, 2010

 My non-writing friends often ask how the writing is going, in the same way you would ask how the kids are or how do you get out spit up stains? It’s small talk–they’re not looking for a blow by blow, and frankly I’m relieved to NOT talk about it. My answer, it seems for the last year or so, has been. "I’m working on revisions."
And their response… "Again?"
I can’t tell you how many times I ask myself that very question. Because revisions aren’t a one shot deal. During one editor/author turn around, I’ll often tweak a passage three or four times, so although it’s technically one revision, those words are face-lifted more than Joan Rivers. And it’s fun! And hard! And all-consuming, to the point that we went to the new Las Vegas City Center (STUNNING) for hubby’s birthday and I saw a mini resort model that looked like something i’d JUST described in P4H2 and I had to sit for ten minutes and take notes. 

Obviously, there was much cooler things to see (like the real resort I was actually IN), but my revising brain got stuck on the MODEL.
I’m in the middle of a very tight deadline right now for the second princess book. My mom even took my two oldest to "grandma camp" so I can bust these out–and busting I am! It’s almost FUN now, but don’t spread that around.
Because of this, I’m behind on email and blogging and Jersey Shore gossip (oh wait. That gossip doesn’t change. Gym, Tan, Laundry. LIke clockwork). So instead of doing a whole new weekly post, I thought I would point you to some entries I posted whilst revising PRINCESS FOR HIRE. And you can read them.

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