I heart you hard, Scholastic and OCCBF!

October 6, 2011

IF you're a teen/have a teen in your possession and IF said teen attends a school in US and IF that school has an English/Reading teacher, than chances are high (roughly 73% by my calculations) that you can have access to scholastic book clubs. And you really want access, like, NOW so you can go to the October TAB book order and order Sean Griswold's Head for the low low LOW price of 5. I already ordered, because i'm narsacistic like that (but not too narsacistic that i know how to spell that word) and also bought another copy of I HEART YOU, YOU HEART ME by Lisa Schroeder and GIRL, STOLEN by April Henry. That's three authors from www.thecontemps.com. RAD. Here's the screen shot for SGH. The big surprise bonus was that it's also a featured booktalk title, which you can what here

Isn't he adorbs? Pretty much one of the most exciting things to happen yet as an author. I lived for scholastic book orders when I was a kid, spent all my babysitting money on books. Gleeful fun ordering my own book now as an adult, with daughters over shoulder saying "Buy that best friend journal instead!"
Also, had a fabulous Disney adventure. I think you can't say trip, it has to be adventure, right? I thought I signed a contract that said that. Afterwards, I was the last-minute moderator for the Orange County Children's Book Festival "Keepin it Real" panel with Jessi Kirby, Kirsten Hubbard and Andrew Smith. Someone filmed and posted on YouTube (this happens. Usually when your posture is especially bad and you know you're mom is going to call and say STAND UP STRAIGHT) But nonetheless, here it is. And now, I must away. I will be in Portland this weekend for the WORDSTOCK festival, speaking Sunday on two panels, SMELLS LIKE TEEN SPIRIT at 2 and a chat with buddy Lisa Schroeder at 4. See you there!