Highlights Founder’s Workshop

March 9, 2012
This past week I had the opportunity to speak at Highlights Founder’s Workshop. I spoke so much, in fact, that my voice is pretty much gone today. From breakfast to well after dinner (the food, y’all. Delectable), I had to chance to talk books and marketing and writing and life with some fantastic people. Highlights has a robust offering of workshops, ranging from non-fiction magazines to whole novel retreats. Our session was on making the web work for you and I learned A LOT, particularly some great blogging tips from Julie Danielson at Seven Impossible Things and how to create effective book trailers. I think I’m going to dip my foot in for the last Princess for Hire book (also realized A FAREWELL TO CHARMS comes out in, like 3 months. Wha??)
Writers, I highly encourage you to check out the available workshops HERE. Almost half of the attendees receive scholarships and the application process is cake. Also, the cake there? Amazing.
I’ve said before what a pivotal point attending a conference was for me and I believe helped get me published. I promise you a good experience, you just need to GO. Katie Davis, a woman who I believe sold her soul in exchange for an inhuman amount of energy, made a video of our experiences. Her book, LITTLE CHICKEN’S BIG DAY, has not left my 2-year-old’s side since I got home.