The Blog Post I Wrote On the Morning My Book Officially Released

So today my book, GOING VINTAGE, releases. RELEASES is a glamorous word for Books Get Stocked On Shelves, which for booksellers is often called TUESDAY, but for the author, it’s kinda a big deal. Writing a book takes roughly as long as a pregnancy, an elephant pregnancy, so kissing our babies on the top of the head and nudging them out into the world is always a little scary and sweet.
Mommy loves you GOING VINTAGE! Now go make me some money proud.
 And maybe you want to buy my book, maybe you want to check it out from your library (after making sure your library orders it), maybe it’s not your thing but you want to do something just for support. Maybe you are sick of hearing about it, in which case, last post, promise! (Note: I break a lot of promises).
Anyway, my friend Lisa Schroeder wrote a post a few years ago explaining how best to support an author, and I hope you will check it out. 
Whether it’s a shout out on facebook, a review, or just a good word, it all adds up. 
Also, if you are reading this, you know likely are aware I/my books exist, and for that I am grateful, more the book than me, because I don’t need to get existential about my existence too often. Anyway, thank you for reading. Always always. Thank you.

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  1. Katrina Marie

    Happy book birthday! I happened to receive a galley from NetGalley, and I absolutely loved it. The review is going up ont he blog today. Thank you so much for taking me back to my teen years, and making me feel those emotions again. 😀

  2. superfaraway

    hi lindsey,

    i just finished reading "going vintage" (no, really, about a half hour ago) and after posting my review on goodreads, i decided to poke around and found myself here!

    it was a refreshing and enjoyable read, with such a cleverly simple premise. thank you for enduring the labor of an "elephant pregnancy" to produce this book, and i look forward to reading your future releases! in the meantime, i'm off to place a hold at the library for "sean griswold's head". (=

    congratulations and thank you!


  3. Mariah R.

    Hi Lindsey,
    I just finished 'Going Vintage" a couple of days ago and I am in love.
    I want to read it over and over again.
    I will ship "Moliver" till I die.
    Moliver = Mallory and Oliver


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