The Pages Between Us PROJECT

June 23, 2020


For the last few years, I’ve tried to figure out the “next step in my career.” I hate this term, yet here I am using it. I love love love writing books. But publishing is a tricky biz–with an income that is passable at best and laughable at… well, tax season. It’s a constant hustle that involves tons of side jobs beyond the actual writing, which in and of itself is a glorious beast. I’ve thought about returning to the classroom (and still considering) but there are just so many kids in my house right now. Then one day in March: THERE WERE SO MANY KIDS IN MY HOUSE. Like all the time. That first week of quarantine had me feeling overwhelmed and inadequate. I searched for resources that allowed me to educate/entertain my kids and give me some time to do All The Things That I Still Needed to Do, Dang You Covid!

So I built a Distance Learning website. (yes, my solution was to give myself more work. I’m not Type A, you are). I called my favorite co-creator and writing partner, Robin Mellom, who also teaches 8th grade language arts at the California Virtual Academy. We saw this unique opportunity to build something for parents like me, teachers like Robin, kids like our kids. A resource that allows everyone in front of a screen (which is a lot of everyones) to watch something that teaches how to CREATE vs consume. And that’s what The Pages Between Us Project is: a distance learning resource that teaches your kid and their buddy (co-creator) how to write a story together.

We’ve launched with the first few videos with more releasing every few weeks. There’s also a kid lit calendar of whatever virtual author visits we can find (authors/educators: feel free to ad your next event), writing dares, lesson ideas… the list goes on. This summer, we’re creating an in-depth, personalized advanced writing course for kids grades 3-8. Right now, all the content is Free. So come on over and find some educational fun for your kids during these last few weeks of school, summer and beyond.

XO, Lindsey and Robin