North of Supernova

Stella North (Virgo) has waited her whole life for a coveted birthday party invite that will guarantee a friend-filled summer in Washington. Forget summer, this opportunity could change her universe. Maybe in this universe, she’ll have less anxiety about big things, like the growing absence of her addict mom, and small things, like what everyone else is thinking or what she’s wearing or or or… breathe.

But those perfect summer plans implode when her Dad returns with a surprise from his business trip: his new fiancée, Whitney. Even worse, Stella and her brother have to spend the next couple of weeks in Whitney’s Las Vegas home pretending like these absolute strangers are her family. At least her potential stepsister feels the same way about ruining their parents’ wedding. Together, the girls set out to discover (and ultimately change) the future through astrology, crystals, and even Magic 8 Balls. Yet nothing can predict the surprising friends, new maybe-more-than friends, and ghosts from the past that Stella encounters on her quest to find calm in a galaxy beyond control.

 “NORTH OF SUPERNOVA is a triumph. Equal parts spirited and spiritual, heartbreaking and hopeful, it presents all the complicated truths about adolescence, blended families, and addiction in a story that middle grade readers will love.” — Dan Gemeinhart, author of Junior Library Guild selection The Remarkable Journey of Coyote Sunrise

“Stella’s voice is real, sweet, and funny, and underneath the humor there’s a depth of feeling and wisdom that I have only found in the best middle grade stories.” —Yamile Saied Méndez, author of the Pura Belpré Award–winner Furia

“This book is for anyone searching for clues about who they are and where they are headed. In short, this book is for everyone.” —Jennifer Ziegler, author of Worser

“Leavitt handles serious topics with sensitivity, humor, and heart in this touching, realistic novel.” —Jo Knowles, author of Where the Heart Is and Meant to Be

“I loved Stella’s voice from the first chapter of her unpredictable, upended life. Her thoughtful, hopeful, magical adventure felt like a hug for my heart.” — Natalie Lloyd, author of Hummingbird