Princess for Hire Series

Desi Bascomb isn’t the typical 13-so-close-to-turning-14-year-old girl. Instead of fretting over boys and hairdos, she’s mulling over her next job as a Princess Sub — picking locks, attending royal weddings and “sitting in” while the real princess takes a break from her responsibilities.

Well, she does fret over boys — just one in particular. But don’t tell her agent.

Lindsey Leavitt dazzles with magic, plot twists, and oodles of heart in this delicious and entertaining series that will appeal to readers of all ages.

“With creativity and a sense of humor, this first novel is a delightful romp. The provision of magic makes all things possible, and the sense of place is vividly realized.” ~Booklist Review

“Entertaining wish-fulfillment fantasy.” ~Horn Book

“A fast-paced and humorous read with a dash of romance…. sure to leave readers longing for the next installment.” ~School Library Journal

“This story will easily appeal to fans of Meg Cabot’s “The Princess Dairies” as well as anyone who likes their princess stories with a bit of excitement.” ~Children’s Literature

“Desi shows that she’s a heroine with heart.” ~Publisher’s Weekly

“This is a confection with fairy dust sprinkled throughout… Laugh and enjoy the wit of the author and the delightful, well-meaning blunders of the protagonist, Desi.” ~San Jose Mercury News

“The magic works in the story and the magic works on the reader. The whole book is like eating a giant cream puff. Delicious.” ~National Book Examiner

“Leavitt keeps the story dancing along with breathless, wish-fulfillment glee. Desi’s character stands out with her unsinkable confidence.” ~Kirkus Review

“The squeaky-clean kind of book parents can feel at ease letting their girls read.” ~Deseret News

“It is a fun fantasy filled with humor, adventure, and even a little angst.” ~VOYA