The Chapel Wars

“Leavitt creates some hilarious scenes that could only be set in Las Vegas… while maintaining a serious emotional tone. Like a Sarah Dessen heroine, Holly discovers that her heart has answers that are neither easy nor perfect. Recommend to readers who enjoy novels that blend light-hearted moments and gravitas.” ~Booklist

In a world of trilogies, The Chapel Wars stands alone as a funny, realistic, heartfelt novel that teens of all ages will enjoy.” VOYA

“Hilarity is tempered by moments of genuine feeling, whether it’s grief… or romance… Holly has a determined entrepreneurial spirit; a dry sense of humor; and obvious love for her hometown and her family, however unconventional. Readers will root for her as she attempts to preserve her grandfather’s dream while beginning to imagine her own.” ~Horn Book

“Leavitt’s sense of place and ability to balance grief with hope make for an entertaining read.” ~Publisher’s Weekly

“Both family and friendship dynamics are shown well through action and dialogue. Las Vegas is also essentially a character, with the ‘behind-the-scenes’ actions of the city brought to life by the author who grew up in Vegas. This delightful story of self-discovery includes wit and grief, along with quirky characterizations of a disjointed family, friends, and place.” Children’s Literature