Dear Reader:

Brooke Ashley Photography

Welcome to the official website of Lindsey Leavitt: writer, baby’s mamma, chocolate donut-inhaler… well, only the little donuts. If I’m going wild on the calories, I prefer it in lasting, smaller doses so it’s not chocolate overkill.

I can’t believe I just used “overkill” and “chocolate” in the same sentence.

I hope you’ll find out more about PRINCESS FOR HIRE series, a tween fantasy about a girl who gets a job substituting for princesses. Or discover my young adult contemporary novels, SEAN GRISWOLD’S HEAD, GOING VINTAGE, and THE CHAPEL WARS. And do peruse the links above. You never know what awesome stuff I’ll include, from interviews to writing tips to giveaways.

Thanks for dropping in. Stay. Read. Feet up. I love what you’ve done with your hair, by the way. Very… inventive.