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Back to fifth grade, minus the big bangs and denim vest collection…

The last few weeks have been a dervish of career activity. Here’s a sampling of February’s Work To Do List (not to be confused with life To Do List, which includes activities for 6 kids, travel with 6 kids, an April wedding, house hunting, and did I mention the wedding?) (!!!!!!!!!) –Finish Website (holla!) –The… Read more »

Bookmark Bonanza

Oh new website. You are so shiny (and a cleaner, more user-friendly platform that appeals to a universal, diverse readership. But mostly, you know, shiny). Thanks to Jenny at Websy daisy for you remarkable skill and patience as we worked to build a new site. I may start sleeping in a business suit, that’s how… Read more »


TEACHERS / LIBRARIANS / AUTHORS / COUNTRYMEN Hope to see you at NCTE this year! Signing: Sunday, Nov 22 at 11:00 @ HarperCollins booth.