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Because there’s a Commander in Cheese in all of us…

Last night, my daughter said this in our family prayer: “Please bless that Donald Trump  won’t take over America.” After we finished, I started to talk to her about how our republic works and that president’s don’t “Take Over.” But I didn’t really know what to say, and maybe I started to cry a little…. Read more »

IN THE SPOTLIGHT cover reveal with 2 authors for the price of one!

Lindsey: Robin and I got together (well, internet together. Google docs together) to share our reactions to the cover for our next book, THE PAGES BETWEEN US: IN THE SPOTLIGHT What’s that you say? You wrote another Pages Between Us book together?! Yep. LIKE YOU COULD STOP US. Robin: The only thing that could stop… Read more »

Finally, an answer to age-old author question…

If you ask nearly any children’s/YA author the most common question they hear, 8 out of 10 will say it’s, “Where do you get your inspiration/where do you get your ideas?” (2 out of 10 get asked for their autograph a lot. All that fame is exhausting. Or so I imagine). No one knows how… Read more »